• Hedge Fund

    FinBit has two products for crypto currencies, one is hedging arbitrage for main crypto-currencies such as BTC, ETH, and the other is a portfolio product for primary and secondary investments in blockchain projects and hedging arbitrage.


    Hedging arbitrage is profiting through the price premium of the futures market and the spot market, which guarantees investment funds.Our trading strategies and profit forcasts are long term. With the primary goal of making stable and consistent returns for our investors.

    Lower Risk Trading Strategy

    Our Hedging arbitrage is different from CTA. Hedging arbitrage is reversed long or short in the crypto-currency futures market and the spot market. With the price fluctuation of the futures market and the spot market, there will be a price difference between the futures and the spot. When there is a premium, we Just carry out arbitrage to achieve profit, the risk of hedging arbitrage is relatively low, and the probability of loss is small.

    Excellent historical performance

    In recent years, the ROI of hedging arbitrage has been around 30%-50%, and the ROI in 2017 was 185%.

    Intelligent Trading System

    The team has built an intelligent arbitrage trading system, which can quickly place orders and split orders through robots, and monitor the market in real time.