• Accelerator

    Achieve your blockchain & crypto projects, There’s a new way to accelerate your protocol

    Learn how to start a company, with help from the world's top startup accelerator - FinBit School.
    Startup School is a free online course on how to start a startup for about 3 months.


    Get advice based on 10 years of FinBit 's knowledge, stay accountable for weekly progress, and find your co-founder.
    Our experts are by your side at every step of your blockchain & crypto projects.

    FinBit School

    We provide training sessions for your team, in order to capture this wave of entrepreneurs entering the blockchain and crypto related spaces. We help decision-makers shape a strategic vision on these subjects in order to position your company to get the most out of them.

    Operational Support

    We work with our portfolio founders and teams from the beginning, and offer a full suite of growth services to partners, including business & competitor analysis, whitepaper & tokenomics support, and legal guidance.

    Advisory and Strategy

    Ideation workshops, studies, benchmarks : we put our expertise at your service in order to foster new innovative ideas for your project, so that you can catch the opportunity to produce a dynamically driven, world-class project that makes a real impact in the industry class project that makes a real impact in the industry.


    We specialize in HIGH-ROI online marketing campaigns to make your project go viral, including comprehensive marketing strategy for your Web3 project, with extensive support across all relevant social media platforms and media forms as well as community support.

    Community Growth

    Our experienced community operations team will build a highly active online community for you and provide a series of follow-up community management services; we will help your project establish a real connection with your users.


    We are long term investors who are flexible with respect to stage, asset type and geography. We provide the initial capital to launch the business to support growth and also look to participate in later stage companies as they mature.

    Resources Network

    We activate our resource network of KOLs, investors, crypto media and exchanges to provide enterprise-level support including access to VCs and launchpads, and access to a full spectrum of exchanges. We extend our support all the way to launch, and beyond.

    Technical support

    Our technical & development support is extended to all partners, ranging from proof of concept to production phase ready project.

    Research & Development

    We study and experiment the impact of decentralized web technologies (Layer 2, protocols, encryption, Self Sovereign Identity…) for your activity.