Our team comes from diverse backgrounds, giving us a competitive edge in staying ahead. The team of experts who help you accelerate your blockchain & crypto projects.

  • Jimin Gao

    Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Minnesota, USA. And a Specialist of Computational System Language Design and Security Critical System Validation. He worked at Microsoft in Seattle as a Senior Software Engineer, and as the co-founder/CTO worked at Zuoyou Assets. He developed Silver and Lustre, and was responsible for the research and development of major core products such as Windows Server IIS and Visual Studio. Since 2016, He has been interested in blockchain technology and has begun to study underlying infrastructure such as Ethereum virtual machine, DApp architecture, and DAG.

  • Ember Hsuan

    Early stage Blockchain ecosystem investor. official Head of Aria BD in many projects. Ember has been working in blockchain area since 2016. Ember is an investor and advisor to exchange, media, and crypto projects. She is involved with successful crypto projects and has a solid background in crypto marketing, operations and tokenomics. Previously, Ember worked for HuoBi at HuoBi, ViewFin and Detecon, and created the first investment quantitative analysis model - SMART Chain model in blockchain industry.

  • Mingxue Li

    Mingxue Li has been a pioneer and a genius trader in Secondary Market. When he was 8 years old, he began to understand stock market and had a very high talent. He worked at HuoBi and ViewFin. He has 23 years of experience in stock investment, futures trading and alternative investment, and 10 years of digital currency investment experience. And he has kept an annual hedging arbitrage yield of 50%-120% over the last ten years, including an annual rate of hedge arbitrage is 185% in 2017.