• About US

    FinBit Capital is an excellent venture capital focused on projects, tokens and ecosystems related to blockchain technologies. We provide investment, consulting and research services.

    Who We Are

    FinBit Capital is an investment organization focused on the blockchain industry. To enable entrepreneurs to pursue their passion for blockchain technology, we provide services in support of finance, technology, partnerships and strategy. Our mission is to help clients create entirely new business models and markets to improve social efficiency based upon blockchain technology.

    What We Do

    Our team members have extensive experience in evaluating and investing in digital assets and blockchain startups, with a proven five-year track record. At present, a number of investment tools and project evaluation models have been created to provide a variety of investment solutions such as robust, high-yield and excess-yield products; including hedge arbitrage and venture capital portfolios. With many years of experience, we guide our customers to achieve favorable returns in the diversification of blockchain investment opportunities by performance-oriented investment vehicles


    FinBit Capital is one of the most active venture investors in the blockchain technology sector, and we have established strategic partnerships with a number of international organizations and individuals to capture potential investment opportunities in more than 10 global markets including Korea, Israel, Singapore, Europe, Silicon Valley and others.